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Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 12:10 PM
Lions Den
1716 N. 42nd St.
Waco, TX  76710
United States
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Instructions for 2018
Rotary Club of Waco Scholarship Application
Eligibility: Students who are classified as juniors or seniors in college, a permanent resident of McLennan County, and have resided in McLennan County for the past two consecutive years.  (Applicants who attend college in another county/state are eligible if their permanent residence is in McLennan County and has been for two prior years.)
Criteria: Financial need, self-help, College GPA, citizenship, community involvement, other activities, short essay, and letters of recommendation.
Application Package: Completed application, copy of college transcript showing at least three full semesters of college credits, up to three letters of recommendation, three personal references, and a recent photo taken within the last six months.
Completed application packages must be received by May 11, 2018.
E-mail packages to or mail (postmarked by May 11, 2018):
Rotary Club of Waco
Attn: Scholarship Committee
1716 North 42nd Street
Waco, TX  76710
Rotary Club of Waco Scholarship Application
Name (First) (Middle) (Last):  _____________________________________________________________________
Present Address:   ___________________________________________________________________________________
Permanent Address:  ________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone:   ___________________________
e-mail:  _________________________________
Birth date:  ______________________   Place of Birth: _________________________________________________
Years in McLennan County:   _________________
Marital Status:  _________________________
Number and Ages of any Children: _______________________________________________________________
If you are working, Name of Present Employer: ________________________________________________ _
List the number of hours worked weekly (appx):  ______________________________________________
Annual Income:  ______________________
If applicable:
Spouse’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Spouse’s Employer:  ________________________________________________________________________________
Spouse’s Annual Income: _____________________
SECTION II: (if parents provide financial assistance, please complete this section):
A.)    If parents DO NOT provide any financial assistance, please initial here:  _______
Note:  Parents do not pay or help pay rent, tuition, or bills, nor do they provide housing.
B.)  If parents provide financial assistance, please complete:
Father’s Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Father’s Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Father’s employer: __________________________________________________________________________________
Father’s annual Income: ____________________________________________________________________________
Mother’s Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Mother’s Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Mother’s Employer: _________________________________________________________________________________
Mother’s Annual Income: __________________
Number and age of other children in the family:   ____________________________________________
Please list any scholarships/grants that you are currently receiving: 
Describe why this scholarship is important to you: __________________________________________
College(s) Attended or Attending and Dates:
College Major: _____________________________College Minor: ________________________________
Cumulative GPA Average (Based on 4.0 System):  _________________
On a separate sheet(s) of paper, describe your involvement in extra-curricular activity (College, Community, Faith Community, Volunteer).  Mark the separate page(s) as Section III.
SECTION IV: On a separate sheet(s) of paper, and in less than 500 words, describe what the phrase “Service Above Self” means to you.  Mark the separate page as Section IV.
Section V:
List Three Personal References (please do not include references from relatives):
(Name) (Address) (Phone Number) (E-Mail Address) (Relationship, if applicable)
1. ________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________
Up to three Letters of Recommendation (please do not include recommendation letters from relatives) may be attached to this application.
Complete all Sections of the Application, then:
E-mail application package to by May 11, 2018 or mail (postmarked no later than May 11, 2018) to:
Rotary Club of Waco
Attn; Scholarship Committee
1716 North 42nd Street
Waco, TX 76710
Questions concerning the application process should be addressed to Katherine Logue at 254-776-2115 or e-mailed to
Our Mission — What We Do
The Rotary Club of Waco provides community leaders an opportunity to build lifelong relationships, promote integrity, and advance goodwill through service to our community and the world.